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Health Services Platform Marketplace

The HL7 Health Services Platform Marketplace (HSPM or "Marketplace") is an HL7/Logica Health (formerly HSPC) specification for publication, cataloging, discovering, and deployment of computable healthcare products and executable knowledge.

This site contains the various published versions of the specification. If you're looking for more general information on Marketplace reference implementations, you can find those at Graphite Health.

Releases of the specification -- not reference implementations -- are formally balloted and published through HL7 exclusively. Likewise, Logica Health and Graphite Health engage in implementation activities but are not standards developing organizations (SDOs).

History of Major Changes

Version Date Description
2 STU 2 2022 January Refinements and guidance of computable product packaging and metadata model. Recommendations on analytics, billing, logging, debugging and other runtime telemetry integrations provided by downstream software runtime platforms. Examples of ways to present cybersecurity, compliance, and other product metadata for healthsystem consumption. Further specification of product license authorization model via PIM for dynamically authorization of specific products. Recreation and inclusion of UML diagrams in computable format. Removal of old "HSPC" naming.
2 STU 1 2019 September Specification-wide renaming of "service" renamed to "product"; product aggregation; product-license relationship made many-to-many; digital rights management types; entitlement tracking and group support; channel partner "voucher" type; dynamic entitlement claim and authorization support.
1.0 2019 January Initial release.