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HL7 Standard: Health Services Platform (HSP) Marketplace

Release 1.0, January 2019

HL7 Informative Ballot

Service Oriented Architecture Work Group
Implementable Technical Specifications Work Group


The authors wish to recognize the Health Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) for their contributions leading to the publication of this document, making infrastructure resources available for the associated reference implementation of the Marketplace API specification and exemplar web client referenced in Supplementary Reference Implementation. Portions of this document have been taken from Automated Injection of Curated Knowledge Into Real-Time Clinical Systems: CDS Architecture for the 21st Century by Preston Lee for standardization. The concepts herein are a culmination of works by the authors, HSPC community, and stakeholder organizations.

HL7 Informative Ballot

The following is the Version R1 of the informative ballot including any updates HL7_V3_HSP_R1_I1_2019JAN.pdf